Text to Give

Whether you are a member of Tyler Street Church or you are a visitor that wants to support our mission to be a meaningful, Christ-centered community for people, thank you so much for your giving. We believe that God is faithful to care and provide for us. Our tithes and offerings is part of our worship and obedience to God as disciples. We devote ourselves and all that God gives us to God and His Kingdom.

We know that much of our lives is now electronic and since we don't pass an offering plate, it's easier for our members to give through a text instead of remembering to get cash or maybe even write a check. 

Setting up your Text to Give is easy, just follow the steps below:

Text the word "give" to 833-982-2201 to enroll then just text your amount and hit send for an instant receipt. 

BTW if you make a mistake just type REFUND to instantly undo that giving and then you can do it over.

If you have questions please come to the Connect Center this Sunday and ask for Everett or play the short video below!

If you'd prefer to give a one time gift or offering, you can use the link below.