Park Creek Bible Camp - Located in the Foothills at Pollock Pines, CA.

The Park Creek Bible Camp has been in operation since 1957. Its main purpose is serving and helping youth of all backgrounds from ages of 10 to 18 years. It is also used for special Christian retreats and campouts for adults and families. Over the years hundreds of young people have been taught the Word of God and baptized into Christ. A place where life long friendships are developed, and Christian character is developed.

Prior to Park Creek Bible Camp, the land belonged to James and Hazel Brown, these are the parents of Jim Brown, our past evangelist and long time member of Tyler Street. In 1956-57, Jim Brown, who was the evangelist/minister at TSCC, and Dick Tucker, who was the evangelist/minister at the Florin Road Church of Christ, desired to start a Bible youth camp. The Brown Family Trust provided a 99-year lease to the church for $1 dollar per year. Later on ownership of the property was transferred to the Florin Road Church of Christ. 

In preparation for the transfer of the Land Deed from the Brown Family Trust to the church, Jim Brown and Dick Tucker discussed which church should hold the deed, either Tyler Street or Florin Road. It really didn’t make any difference to either Jim or Dick, and Jim suggested Florin Road Church hold the land deed. Florin Road Church of Christ managed and operated the camp from the first years of operation through 2010. 

While Florin Road Church of Christ had the overall management of the camp, Tyler Street has also been very involved since day-one. What developed over the years is participation with many other churches of Christ. In addition to Tyler Street & Florin Road, other churches that have helped substantially in the camp’s year to year operation include: Reno; Carson City; Sutter; Mid-Valley/Stockton; Manteca; Hayward; San Louis Obispo, as well as others.

In addition, several specific Christian men and women have contributed substantially to its operations through giving, teaching, construction, and maintenance.   

In January 2011, the Tyler Street Church of Christ accepted ownership and operational responsibilities of the twenty-two acre campground, and developed a management team, which consist of a Director, Senior Camp Manager, and Junior Camp Manager.  

Tax-deductable Contributions may be made to: 

Park Creek Bible Camp

P.O. Box 41344

Sacramento, CA 95841

Park Creek Bible Camp Video



Park Creek is in the mountains near Jenkins Lake.

From Sacramento:

1. Take US 50 to Pollock Pines

2. Turn RIGHT at Sly Park Road

3. Continue past the resort at Jenkins Lake

4. Turn LEFT at Mormon Emigrant Trail

5. Turn LEFT again at Park Creek Rd (dirt)

6. Cross the creek at the bottom of the hill then

7. Take next RIGHT and bear to the RIGHT, ‘till you see the cook shack.

Welcome to Park Creek Bible Camp!